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Civik Application

Our cutting edge civic/social network platform fosters voter-government engagement, provides a vehicle for campaigns, petitions, and the most secure, accessible online voting platform.

Online Voting

Neuvote features the world's leading and most secure Online Voting platform. Neuvote’s system is universally End-to-End Verifiable and tested to the highest standards.

Remote Paper Ballot Voting

Our patented Remote Paper Ballot technology delivers the security of traditional paper ballot voting with the convenience of online voting.

Election Management

We are experts in Election Management with leading-edge technology that makes elections more secure and accessible.

Innovative Engagement

Digital Democracy made easy

Civik puts our world-class technology to work providing all the tools a government and voter will need to connect in a way that has never been possible before.

Community Driven Engagement

Civik allows voters to connect and make their voices heard within the individual communities in which they reside – “Civik Communities” – and it features news, opinions, and discussions that let their government representatives know what matters most to them.

Digital Petitions

Civik features the ability to digitally sign petitions using a secure, verifiable remote signing tool.

News, Guarded

Every news link posted on Civik is vetted with a NewsGuard credibility rating for media transparency.

Poll with Online Voting

Poll with online voting: Governments can now test online voting without the need to run an election, conducting polls, surveys, and opinions through our same secure online voting system that runs elections. Voters and Election Officials can learn what End-to-End Verifiable Voting means and how it can make elections more secure.

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