Hybrid Online End-to-End Verified Voting:

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Modern elections demand a safe and secure remote voting option.

Neuvote’s Hybrid Mobile Verified Voting System keeps elections safe by combining the best features of traditional in-person voting with the accessibility and security of electronic voting into one simple application.

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Hybrid Security



Eliminates data security concerns by keeping votes on the paper ballot and secured by the most advanced encryption available.



Provides real time visual confirmation of a voters paper ballot so voters can see, confirm and trust their vote was cast as intended.



The only mobile system that provides End-to-End Verifiability for full transparency, security and auditability.

End-to-End Verifiable Voting

What is End-To-End Verifiable Voting?

End-to-End Verifiable Election Systems are voting systems with stringent integrity properties and strong tamper resistance. These systems have been widely recognized universally by academics and election experts as the most secure way to enable transparency and auditability in an election.

Why is End-To-End Verifiability a critical requirement in every online voting instance?

With an End-to-End Verifiable Election System voters can obtain proof their ballot was included in the final tally and cast as intended. Observers can also check that the tally was carried out correctly. These properties offer voters a high degree of confidence their vote was counted and counted correctly.

Neuvote is the only mobile voting system that features full End-to-End Verifiability and we agree with the experts that this security is the best way to protect elections.

How It Works

Neuvote has pioneered a one-of-a-kind Hybrid Mobile Voting Platform that addresses the challenges to online voting. Backed by years of technical research, Neuvote’s system combines the best elements of online and traditional paper-based voting to create the most secure and accessible way to vote remotely. In addition, the platform provides complete election transparency, auditability and eliminates the threat of vote tampering, theft and data breaches.

Register & Verify

Voters register and verify their identity prior to voting using the Neuvote dashboard and agent console.

View & Cast Ballot

Electronic votes are cast and encrypted before connecting to a remote ballot marking device which is then inspected and approved by the voter.

Vote Confirmation

Once the paper ballot is visually confirmed by the voter, a receipt is generated to ensure their vote was tabulated accurately. This creates a high level of trust with the voter.

Make Elections Easy

Neuvote makes it easy to manage your election with our comprehensive dashboard. From ballot generation to the final vote count, election officials can monitor every aspect of their election with ease.

Remote Voting Comparison

Features Neuvote Vote By Mail Online Voting
No sensitive data at rest
End-to-End Verifiability
Enhanced mobile app security
Secure chain of custody
Paper ballot voting
Photo ID comparison
Voter ballot inspection
Risk-Limited Audit compliant
Manual recount capable

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